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Scott Brothers Realty has provided property management since 1997. Whether your investing in apartments, home, retail, warehouses or office properties SBR brings a level of dedication delivering impeccable services and maximum profits to you each and every month.

SCOTT BROTHERS REALTY has developed a New Life Commercial Property Management method breathing "New Life" into commercial assets with low occupancy.

A prime example is this older shopping plaza in Volusia County pictured below. Years ago this asset was known by locals as the "ghetto." Today, with SCOTT BROTHERS REALTY expertise in personalized asset management, this once-bankrupt Plaza boasts 100% OCCUPANCY. THAT'S RIGHT 100% OCCUPANCY with our NEW LIFE METHODOLOGY of ASSET MANAGEMENT.


We look forward to making your asset a "New Life" success! Call Wayne J. Scott @ 407-773-3456 for a FREE Consultation.

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